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Project nameOS
PlayME! PlayME!Java ME
pmd PM DownloaderOS/2eCS
vnc VNC Server for OS/2 PMOS/2eCS
ScreenSaver modulesOS/2eCS
Desktop PainterOS/2eCS
TCP Link Mapper (mlink)OS/2eCS
System tray widget for XCenterOS/2eCS
Small Java applicationsJava
 Misc apps and filesOS/2eCS

Misc apps and files

SIM Instant Messenger version

sim-im-os2- (7.2 MB) — SIM Instant Messenger version compiled for OS/2. SIM is powerful plugin-based multiprotocol instant messenger, which includes support for ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo! and Jabber IM protocols. SIM homepage: http://sim-im.org/.
Read the full announce, see screenshots and post comments here.

CTorrent dnh 2.2 (+patch from 25.02.2007)

ctorrent-dnh221.zip - CTorrent dnh 2.2 (+patch from 25.02.2007) compiled for OS/2. CTorrent is a small console BitTorrent client. Supports large files (>2GB). GPL, with sources. CTorrent homepage: http://ctorrent.sourceforge.net/ CTorrent-DNH homepage: http://www.rahul.net/dholmes/ctorrent/

SMS SEND version 2.9

smssend-2.9-os2.zip - SMS SEND version 2.9, including OS/2 binaries. GPL, with sources. SMS SEND homepage: http://zekiller.skytech.org/smssend_en.php


smbnuke.zip - Windows SMB Nuker (DoS), OS/2 binaries. GPL, with sources.


smbname.zip - NETBIOS name detection, OS/2 binaries, GPL, with sources.

Joe's FTP Proxy/Gateway 0.0.11 (+fixes)

jftpgw- Joe's FTP Proxy/Gateway 0.0.11 compiled for OS/2 — Fully-functional FTP-proxy server. (Many fixes against original 0.0.11). Jftpgw homepage - http://www.mcknight.de/jftpgw/.

Jikes 1.19

jikes-1.19-os2-bin.zip - Jikes - High perfomance Java compiler. OS/2 binaries.


odinfal2.zip - Set of Odin files for run Fallout 2 game under OS/2. Including icon and script for creating program object on desktop.