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PM Downloader

interactive network retriever for OS/2 PM

PM Downloader v1.02 (602KB)

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Short description

PM Downloader is the interactive multithreaded network retriever for OS/2 & eCS Presentation Manager supporting HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols for downloading files.

System requirements
  • OS/2 Warp version 4 or higher, eComStation (any version).
  • TCP/IP version 4 (comes with Warp4) or higher.
  • File system which supports long filenames.


Unpack zip-file into a directory of your choice, and run install.cmd or create a program object for PMD.EXE manually.
If you are upgrading from a previous version, just unpack zip-file over the previous installation. Check history.txt to be well informed about changes and new features.
Also read file readme.en.

Main features

  • Handy GUI interface for managing your downloads
  • HTTP/HTTPS/FTP downloading with full resume capability
  • HTTP/FTP/SOCKS proxy management
  • Control from external applications through named pipe
  • Adding downloads using drag and drop
  • Clipboard monitoring
  • Traffic limitation
  • Downloads history log
  • User selectable sounds for events
  • Supports downloading of files larger than 2 GB.
  • Flexible and configurable
  • Small in size


The PM Downloader is distributed as try-before-you-buy. This means:

- Anyone may use this software during a test period of 30 days. Following this test period of 30 days or less, if you wish to continue to use PM Downloader, you MUST register.
- Once registered, the user is granted a non-exclusive license to use PM Downloader on one computer, for any legal purpose, at a time.

To register online, please visit http://shop.mensys.nl/catalogue/mns_pmdownload.html
Price is 15 USD.

If after registration you not got your registration key during reasonable time (5-7 days) - please contact me.


PM Downloader is a product of eCo Software, © Eugene Romanenko.
Other eCo Software products: http://ecomstation.ru/ecosoft/index.php?action=ga

This product includes OpenSSL library:
Copyright © 1998-2003 The OpenSSL Project
Copyright © 1995-1998 Eric A. Young, Tim J. Hudson
All rights reserved.

Uses TinyXML library.


PM Downloader news
PM Downloader version 1.02 is ready for download.
List of changes:
  • ! Fixed semaphore leak, which may cause PM Downloader hang on intensive use.
  • + Added option to limit number of simultaneous downloads from same host.
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PM Downloader version 1.01 is ready for download.
List of changes:
  • ! Fixed - download fails when downloading file from root dir on IBM FTPD/2.
  • ! Fixed crash on PM Downloader close while 'view history' window opened.
  • ! Other small fixes.
  • + Flush file buffers to disk every 10 minutes.
  • + Updated Italian translation.
  • i Compiler upgraded to OpenWatcom 1.6.
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PM Downloader version 1.0 is ready for download.
List of changes:
  • + Added new bitmap theme, see settings notebook, Interface page 2.
  • + Added the ability for downloads to be saved to different locations based on the media type of the download, see settings notebook, 'Saving' page.
  • + Sort save folder history by last access.
  • ! Fixes to prevent SYS3180 crash.
  • ! Other small fixes.
  • - Browser plugin: removed ability to execute PM Downloader as it may cause problems. PM Downloader must be running in order to catch downloads from plugin.
  • i Use STL classes internally instead of old hand-written classes.
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PM Downloader version 0.9.7 is ready for download.
List of changes:
  • ! Fixed intensive downloads list "blinking" and CPU load if items in "waiting" state present in list.
  • ! Fixed handling of 'no such file' FTP error.
  • ! Fixed - 'Incomplete' directories was created in every individual download path.
  • + Updated Swedish translation.
PM Downloader version 0.9.6 is ready for download.
List of changes:
  • ! Fixed - if download was continued from server which doesn't support resume, size of file was detected incorrectly (one byte less).
  • + Italian NLS-file included.
  • i Compiler upgraded to OpenWatcom 1.5.
PM Downloader version 0.9.5 is ready for download.
List of changes:
  • ! Fixed crash on some server replies.
  • ! Updated German translation.
  • ! Some small fixes.
PM Downloader version 0.9.4 is ready for download.
List of changes:
  • + German NLS-file included. (And also an alternate one, see in LANG subdirectory).
  • ! Fixed possible crash if SSL certificate string too long.
  • ! Sometimes download completed, but still display "downloading" status - fixed.
  • ! Prevention for SYS3180 crash.
  • ! Other small improvements and fixes.
PM Downloader version 0.9.3 is ready for download.
Fixed two bugs introduced in version 0.9:
  • ! "Stop" command doesn't have effect on "waiting" downloads.
  • ! Username/Password from PMD settings not used in some cases.
PM Downloader version 0.9.2 is ready for download.
List of changes:
  • + Added option to add URL to top of queue.
  • + Added option to share audio device.
  • ! Fixed - PM Downloader doesn't restore your downloads list if save folder's name contain Cyrillic characters.
  • ! Other small improvements and fixes.
PM Downloader version 0.9.1 is ready for download.
List of changes since version 0.9:
  • i Compiler upgraded to OpenWatcom 1.4.
  • + Force start for downloads.
  • ! SSL connection information was not displayed - fixed.
  • ! Fixed bug with HTTP authorization introduced in version 0.9.
  • ! Correct average speed on download completion.
  • ! Some small improvements and fixes.
List of changes since version 0.8.8:
  • i Changed compiler - now it OpenWatcom.
  • * Implemented HTTPS protocol. Now PMD.EXE not so small as before due to linked OpenSSL library.
  • * PM Downloader now NLS-enabled. Included English, Russian, Dutch and Swedish nls-files.
  • * Support for HTTP-CONNECT proxy.
  • * Added download bars, inspired by Azureus.
  • * Individual speed limits for downloads.
  • + Group of downloads can be moved up/down.
  • + Buttons in "Add URL" dialog to quick fill referer and filename fields from URL.
  • + Smooth colors for traffic indicator.
  • ! Fixed wrong timestamp on some FTP downloads.
  • ! Fixed wrong filesize restored from ini for files larger than 2 Gb.
  • i Downloads list now saved in XML-file instead of PMD.INI.
  • i Folder for incomplete files now have name "Incomplete" (was "TMP").
  • i Changed methods of determining speed/counting ETA.
  • + Some other improvements and fixes.
PM Downloader version 0.8.8 is ready for download. Just bugfixes here.
List of changes:
  • i Changed icon (eComStation style).
  • ! Fixed crash on redirection with unsupported protocol.
  • ! Workaround for buggy video drivers (see readme).
PM Downloader version 0.8.7 is ready for download. Just bugfixes here, new features in development.
List of changes:
  • ! Fixed drag-and-drop from Mozilla 1.4 and higher.
  • ! Fixed rare crash on adding some URLs.
  • ! Mozilla plugin (nppmd.dll): Fixed sys3171 crash when PM Downloader started from plugin.
  • ! Some small fixes.
PM Downloader version 0.8.6 is ready for download. List of changes:
  • ! Fixed saving state of option "Reset attempts counter on getting data".
  • ! Workaround for Matrox video driver. (PMD 0.8.5 crashes in PMGAX64.DLL).
  • ! Fixed possible sys3183 crash at PMD start.
PM Downloader version 0.8.5 is ready for download. List of changes:
  • * Included Netscape/Mozilla plugin. Using this plugin you can catch browser downloads and transfer them to PM Downloader. See NPPLUGIN\readme.en for details.
  • + Added column "Save folder" to downloads list. (default invisible).
  • + New option at "Misc" page - "Reset attempts counter on getting data". (default off).
  • ! Fixed crash on redirection, when location specified as relative path.
  • ! Reduced flickering of downloads list, other interface improvements.
PM Downloader version 0.8.4 is ready for download. List of changes:
  • + Referer support. (http headers).
  • + New interface option - "Minimize instead of closing" (default off).
  • + Added two items to "Download" menu - "Start all stopped" and "Stop all active/waiting".
  • + Set speed limit through pipe. (see readme).
  • + Use folder with id <WP_INETDOWNLOAD> as default download folder.
  • + For FTP transfers, use MDTM command to determine timestamp.
  • + Included REXX script SCANDESK.CMD which scan local Desktop for URL objects dropped from Netscape/Mozilla, and add to PM Downloader via pipe.
  • ! Clipboard monitor fixes.
  • ! Fixed download problems on java.sun.com.
  • ! Some internal fixes and improvements.
PM Downloader version 0.8.3 is ready for download. List of changes:
  • * Added clipboard monitor.
  • + D&D basket now understand URLs dragged using DragText.
  • + Added "Create folder" button to "Select folder" dialog.
  • ! Some internal fixes.
PM Downloader version 0.8.2 is ready for download. List of changes:
  • + New interface option - "Show status of current job in title" (default on).
  • ! Fixed some bugs introduced with v0.8.1.
  • ! Some speed-up during importing large lists.
PM Downloader version 0.8.1 is ready for download. List of changes:
  • i Internal improvements.
  • ! Fixed addurl.cmd. With Classic REXX, URLs was cutted at "//".
PM Downloader version 0.8 is ready for download. List of changes:
  • i PM Downloader now shareware!
  • + More handy way for switching traffic limitation. (3 levels, 3 buttons on toolbar).
  • ! Downloads with unknown size was incorrectly "completed" on timeout.
  • ! Fixed rare crash during FTP login procedure.
  • ! Some UI changes/fixes.
PM Downloader preview 7 is ready for download. List of changes:
  • * Implemented support for large (>2Gb) files. (Additional requirement - filesystem which support large files, e.g. JFS).
  • * Implemented traffic limitation. (Needs testing, may be not accuracy).
  • * New tab in settings notebook - "Default passwords and usernames for hosts".
PM Downloader preview 6a is ready for download. List of changes:
  • ! Fixed bad PMD behaviour when option "Auto-delete completed (and/or failed) downloads" are on.
  • ! Fixed possible crash during host resolving (threads synch).
PM Downloader preview 6 is ready for download. List of changes:
  • i "General" page of settings notebook renamed to "Misc".
  • i Some internal and UI changes.
  • + New menu/toolbar item - "Delete failed downloads".
  • + More options on "Confirmations" page of settings notebook.
  • + More options on "Misc" page of settings notebook.
PM Downloader preview 5e is ready for download. List of changes:
  • + Writing "/STARTALL" to pipe \PIPE\PMDOWNLOADER will start all paused downloads. Also, "/STOPALL" will stop all active downloads.
  • + Now you can have control over all properties of downloads when adding through pipe (see readme).
  • + Double click on tray icon will minimize PMD if it is active window.
  • ! Fixed a PMD hang, when "Stop" pressed during hostname resolving or connecting.
  • ! Better handling of "Content-Disposition" (http headers).
PM Downloader preview 5 is ready for download. List of changes:
  • * SOCKS 5 support. Note: FTP will work only in passive mode when SOCKS is used.
  • * Now you can add URL by writing it to pipe \PIPE\PMDOWNLOADER. Also, rexx script addurl.cmd included, which lets you add URLs from command line.
  • * Implemented export/import to/from plain text file.
  • + Added simple traffic meter and status line.
  • + Added folders history to field "Save download to folder" in "Add URL" dialog.
  • + Counts ETA.
  • + Properties for active downloads can be viewed in read-only mode.
  • + Added command line options "/MIN", "/MAX" and "/START". See readme for details.
  • ! Some bugs fixed.
PM Downloader preview 4a is ready for download. Fixed one bug:
  • ! Option "Don't use temporary folder" has no effect - fixed.
PM Downloader preview 4 is ready for download. List of changes:
  • * Implemented sound events. See "Sounds" page in settings notebook.
  • * Implemented confirmations. See "Confirmations" page in settings notebook.
  • + When killed, PM Downloader saves URLs list.
  • + New menu item "Clear log" in log lists popup menu.
  • + Confirmations on overwriting files and downloading from scrath.
  • ! Some small bugs fixed.
PM Downloader preview 3 is ready for download. List of changes:
  • + Added context menus for URLs.
  • + Changing properties of added URLs. ("Download|Properties" in menu).
  • + D&D basket now understand URL objects dragged from desktop.
  • + Double clicking on D&D basket shows PM Downloader.
  • + New option - "Show D&D basket in tasklist" (default on).
  • + New option - "Scroll jobs list on adding" (default off).
  • + New option - "Get file date from server" (default on).
  • ! Incorrect filesize shown after stop/continue (on ftp.mozilla.org).
PM Downloader preview 2 is ready for download. New features here (for full list of changes look in file history.txt):
  • * Drag-and-drop from Netscape 2.02 and Mozilla 1.0.
  • * Downloading using FTP-proxy. (For examle, jftpgw).
  • * Log downloads history.