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Project nameOS
PlayME! PlayME!Java ME
pmd PM DownloaderOS/2eCS
vnc VNC Server for OS/2 PMOS/2eCS
ScreenSaver modulesOS/2eCS
Desktop PainterOS/2eCS
TCP Link Mapper (mlink)OS/2eCS
System tray widget for XCenterOS/2eCS
Small Java applicationsJava
 Misc apps and filesOS/2eCS

ScreenSaver modules

This modules must be used with ScreenSaver by Siegfried Hanisch. Also work with Blanker (see "Note for Blanker users" in readme file) and must work with screen saver from PowerUtilities (not tested).

This modules requires DIVE. If your system not support DIVE, (if you not install multimedia, for example) modules will not work.

Status: freeware.

Download modules (90Kb). Updated 31.01.2004

Project news
On may new Pentium4-based PC, IFS In Motion module moving too fast, so I included option "Use hi-res timer" which enables hi-res timer using for appropriate delay between frames.
WARNING: hi-res timer interfere with DOS-apps! See more in readme.
Reduced priority of a blitting thread. Now by default priority is class Idle, delta 0, and when option "Low priority" checked - class Idle, delta -31 (i.e. minimum possible). This done to not affect on applications which run threads at very low priority (e.g. XNap).
Solved problem with freezing GUI at screen saver activation when CPU is fully loaded. (Described in readme file from 27.07.2001 version).
Modules updated! Seven new modules available.

Modules screenshots
IFS In Motion Blobs
FireLine Fluoresce
Glacial Frost Shooting Stars
Wiggy Worms Fluid
Plasma I Plasma II