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System tray widget for XCenter

Download System tray widget for XCenter, version 0.3

System tray widget for XCenter - it's port of the System tray plugin included in SysTray/WPS to XCenter. (XCenter is a part of the XWorkplace.)

System tray widget for XCenter based on the source code of SysTray/WPS. SysTray/WPS was developed by Dmitry Zaharov.

System tray is a bar with icons which added by the thrid-party applications using SysTray API. Applications will get the messages from user actions on the tray icons.

SysTray screenshot: systray

Applications, which use SysTray API:

This version is incomplete, and have limitations - no settings dialog, changed font and colors not saved.

For installation instructions see readme file.

For developers: for adding SysTray support into your applications use this toolkit. If your application use SysTray API, but not presented in the list on this page, please, notify me about your application, and specify address of the application's homepage.